The Dodge Road Show is Official

The Dodge completed “hair and makeup” in April for her premiere book signing @ Village Books in Fairhaven. Now she’s getting fussy. Yesterday, we delivered her to Hometown Automotive in Bellingham for a fine-tuning of her throttle–no less. We’ll need all the power available for our July road trip through Washington and Idaho to Bozeman and Lewistown, Monanta where we’ll sign books and celebrate the Mike/Dodge partnership on the Big Sky stage.

Watch here for the latest news on our preparations, take off and entire journey.  Mike will navigate and as I will be the “pilot” for this adventure, I must be trained (before we leave) to deal with the idiosyncracies of the three-on-three transmission among other mysterious personality traits of the Dodge. Still no gas gauge. For our “foodie” followers, I’ll show you our picnic basket before we leave and report all exciting restaurant discoveries along the way.

Good news–for those of you who have read the book–the choke has thankfully been relocated from the floor of the passenger side to the dashboard–sort of like normal. The clothesline has been put to better use: clothes hang from it.

Here we go again. I hear those trumpets blow again . . . taking a chance.