Montana Booksigning Tour Countdown

Seventeen days remaining.   The green flag signifies the coast is clear.  The Dodge is back in the Auto Beauty Salon preparing to be awesome for our journey back to Big Sky Country where she and Mike spent happy years together, long before they knew what the bottom of a coulee or Parkinson’s Disease looked like. We will sign our new book, The Dodge: Guts, Glory, and Living at Full-Throttle, in Bozeman and Lewistown. We move forward at full-throttle with Parkinson’s Disease occupying some space in the back seat.

Here’s what some readers of The Dodge are telling us about the book:
Dear Mike and Anne,

I just finished your wonderful book ‘The Dodge’  . . . This writing meant so much to me because of the love and courage you carry for each other. We have the ‘yellow bird’ in our garden for all to see and ask about.

You are ‘artists of life’ for us to study. Many of our friends around Northfield have and will read this book which will give  us the strength we need to navigate the roads of life. John & Kathy Holden


Dear Anne and Mike,

Thankyou for sharing your remarkable journey. Just finished your book while traveling to Arizona. Your intimacy and sense of Family and place are nourishment for the soul. And speaking of nourishment I am looking forward to creating some of those mouth watering recipes. Thank you.  Ali


Anne and Mike,

What I anticipated being a car book is so much more! Thanks for the wonderful read in part because it fills in lots of details connecting the little I knew about all your connectedness with the community and in part because of the Big Topics of life you engage.  Eric