Love’s Last Measure: Lessons Found at Death’s Door

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The Artist and the Chef, Mike and Anne Mikkelsen from Take Charge of Parkinson’s Disease conclude their 30-year journey with Parkinson’s. Having recognized a new and powerful tenderness, Mike prepares for his ultimate adventure with the same creativity he demonstrated all his life. To Anne’s surprise Mike knows exactly what he’s doing. He generously shares his obsessions, his hallucinations, his earthly desires and mostly his gratitude. She enters his world of dying to discover that the most profound lessons in life can be found at death’s door. Taking charge of anything requires immersing yourself in that thing. The rewards of knowing the path of dying and death are abundantly clear in Love’s Last Measure, a story nourished by humor and tears, love and light. With Anne as his witness, Mike takes charge again and masters the fine art of dying.

About the Author:

Anne Cutter Mikkelsen

Anne has been a Hospice volunteer and is an advocate for all people with Parkinson’s. Her latest book, Love’s Last Measure: Lessons Found at Death’s Door, employs all the tools of compassion and insight she and her husband Mike gathered during their 30-year journey with Parkinson’s.

Anne is the author of Take Charge of Parkinson’s Disease, First Edition published 2011; Second Edition, 2015 co-authored with Carolyn Stinson. Anne studied traditional French cooking with Simone Beck and brought this expertise to hosting a cooking show. She has owned restaurants, a B&B, and a catering business. In 2012, Anne co-authored with Mike, The Dodge: Guts, Glory, and Living at Full Throttle.



Parkinson’s Life Magazine, published in the UK, released this article today:

Advanced Parkinson’s: a survivor’s guide to ‘transcending the pain of death’





Love’s Last Measure: Lessons Found at Death’s Door
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ISBN: (13) 97809831982-4-6 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-9831-982-7-7 (ebook)