In the Garden

So much beauty just outside the window

So much beauty just outside the window…

Anne is deeply inspired by the lush garden that surrounds her home. While she uses fresh herbs in countless recipes, she also finds new ways to make the most of their verdant goodness.

Taste the incredible sweetness...

Taste the sweetness…

In summer, Anne takes a handful of lovage, with its celery-like essence, and makes a bed for halibut before putting it on the grill.

Or, she might add delicate bee borage blossoms to make a mixed salad sing.

In winter, she roasts fresh rosemary in the oven, filling her house with its intoxicating and warming aroma.

Bring a little of the garden into your kitchen… and imagine the possibilities.


OR do it the hard way and build the vegetable garden of your dreams.

May 5, 2012: We rented a Dingo magic tiller for the weekend and “just did it!”

Day One: My son, Andy warmed up the Dingo. Our plan was to take advantage of the considerable slope of our landscape and create a terraced garden, next to a row of grapevines, with easy access and even some visiting room within–chairs for grandchildren, when they need a different perspective.

Day Two: I had some fun herding the Dingo until I ran into serious rock issues.





Days Three and Four: Two more team members joined our forces. Mike and Andy’s wife, Juliana survey the 8-yard mound of 4-way topsoil to be transported down the hill. Juliana “worked out” with a wheelbarrow and Mike and I used the tractor and trailer. We lost count after 120 loads.

Juliana and Aidan deliver the topsoil. Aidan worked as hard as anyone filling his yellow dump truck, grunting and groaning as he pushed it down the hill and dumped it, just so, at the edge of the garden.

Day Five: Andy stops by on his way home from school to check our topsoil progress and rake the soil so all is level! Andy’s a math guy–precision matters.

The planting was almost complete when Andy and Juliana honored their Mother’s Day gift, “one whole day of garden work.” The Sunday after Mother’s Day, Andy and Juliana dug postholes in the rain; they leveled the 4 x 4’s and packed them solidly around the garden; they acted like they enjoyed being drenched and crawling around in the mud. It took all day. We are now ready for the fence that will enclose our family masterpiece. Just wait till you see it!

Three of the team ready for baths and a cozy night. Happy warriors. I love them all.

Fast forward to the 4th of July:

Take Charge of PD with Colorful Vegetables