A Tribute to Mike

Mike Mikkelsen
Eduard Alden Mikkelsen, February 2013

Mike Mikkelsen drew his last breath the morning of Feb. 14, 2013.  He died peacefully at his home in Bellingham, Washington.

An artist of clay, metal, paint and life is now laid to rest. Photo, by Hans Mouritzen, taken Friday February 1, 2013. Mike was listening to Hans’

ipod. The song with video was “Stand by Me”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us-TVg40ExM

Later that day, Mike asked Hans to give him a beard trim. The title of this video is “I Have a Baseball Bat.” IMG_0065


The photo gallery above illustrates the fullness and richness of Mike’s life: engaging in “forced exercise” on a tandem bike with son, Jon, in Salinas, California; reflecting in Northfield, Minnesota; resting in Kino Bay, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez and working in the Old Kino welder’s shop; trampolining with grandchildren in Minneapolis;   painting at home in the garden; posing in the kitchen and driving his “cars with a personality” in Bellingham, Washington. Fare thee well, our darling man.
Click on the link to view Mike’s online obituary where you can leave a note or a memory.  http://www.whatcomcremationandfuneral.com/obituary/eduard-alden-mike-or-snoop-mikkelsen

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